Wild Justice

A Revenge Tragedy for the 21st Century

Under development in 2020 with Neil's theatre company Hydrocracker.

What is Revenge? What does it feel like to want it? To take it? What price are we prepared to pay to have our Revenge? Is Revenge ever justified?

An experimental outing for some of these questions - the central ideas of the play - in the form of an animated public debate that evolves into performance, won a Brighton Argus Angel Award at the Brighton Festival in May 2014.

"In increasingly uniform times, it falls to outfits as anomalous as Hydrocracker to incite the kind of purposeful debate enjoyed by brain-bothering individuals in attendance at Wild Justice. The evening was observed by playwright Neil Fleming who created a theatrical think-tank of us, the result of which will be evident in the coming months." Kirsty Levett, Brighton Argus